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At Lakeshore Mental Health, we offer a full complement of state-of-the-art treatment options to our clients.

At Lakeshore Mental Health, we offer a full complement of state-of-the-art treatment options to our clients. This includes a variety of traditional addiction recovery techniques, with a full spectrum of therapeutic options for our clients (and in some cases, those closest to our clients). In addition to traditional options, we also provide a number of holistic recovery strategies. Some of these holistic techniques might seem farfetched to those unfamiliar with addiction recovery, but at Lakeshore Mental Health, we go out of our way to only utilize addiction recovery programs that are backed by scientific evidence. Our commitment to recovery means nothing is out of consideration.

For roughly half of our clients, dual diagnosis mental health therapy offers an invaluable asset in the battle against addiction. This is because roughly half of those in this country who are struggling with addiction are also struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. A co-occurring disorder describes a mental health condition that a person is suffering from at the same time as they are struggling with addiction. In instances like this, it is essential for the client to receive treatment for both the addiction and the mental health disorder. This is because if the client only receives treatment for the addiction, even if that treatment proves to be effective, the client is at risk of returning to substance abuse due to the still-present mental health issue.

We are proud to offer a variety of therapeutic options for our clients. The most basic form of therapy we offer is individual therapy. During individual therapy, you’ll work alongside an addiction counselor on a one-on-one basis. You’ll be free to discuss anything you’d like during these sessions, with the assurance that everything you say will remain in the strictest of confidence.


In addition to individual therapy, we also offer group therapy sessions.

During group sessions, you’ll meet with your peers in the addiction recovery facility to talk about whatever’s on your mind. This is a great chance to share your experience with others, and to learn from the experiences others share with you. Finally, we also offer family therapy sessions. Many of our clients can attest to the fact that their addiction didn’t just create problems for themselves, they also had a detrimental effect on those closest to them. Family therapy affords those close to the client the chance to begin working on their own paths to recovery.


Along with these more traditional therapeutic strategies, we also provide holistic therapeutic strategies.

Some of these may be familiar with you, such as yoga or tai chi. Some of the therapeutic options we have available may seem familiar to you, but you may be surprised to find them here: for example, our art therapy program can help clients deal with addiction, but may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with recent developments in substance abuse recovery.

No matter what your situation, at Lakeshore Mental Health, we have the tools you need for recovery. Don’t hesitate any longer: contact us today.

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